In Chinese you can use "美容的" to describe certain kinds of food that are said to benefit your looks. I've never heard "cosmetic" use to describe food's effects on a person, only the visual appeal of the food itself, so I'm wondering if there is a more appropriate translation.

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美容:make oneself more beautiful
美容的食物:beauty foods, beauty-enhancing foods

I even found this:
营养美容: nutritional cosmetology

He said, "The key is having beauty-enhancing foods at hand."

Try the beautifying effect of these common household foods.

Berries: different kinds of berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, as well as strawberries are all super beauty foods.

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美容 in 美容食品 is an adjectival noun (beauty) or an adjective (beautifying)

The term 美容食品 (beauty-enhancing food) is relatively new. The traditional term for food that is good for your beauty is 養顔食品.

養顔 can be a verb or an adjective

美容的 in 美容的食品 is an adjective (noun + adjective marker 的) for "beautifying"

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