What does this sentence mean? I understand all the characters, but cannot understand the sentence i saw in a tv series. 不就得了, how to translate this?

  • it can be translated to 'why not ...'. Oct 21, 2020 at 13:47
  • It's literality translated "wouldn't that OK?" It implies that "I" recommend you do that.
    – Zhang
    Oct 22, 2020 at 2:01

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The most important part is that the speaker is impatient now, and want to suggest something simple to stop the conversation.

  • 不: isn't it xxx?
  • 就:imediately become
  • 得: achieve, solve
  • 了: finish indicator
  • XXX 不就得了 :If XXX was done, isn't the problem solved?

(let me try another version) Isn't XXX good enough to solve the problem?

(Or simply) Why not just XXX

It would be exchangeable with 不如就XXX!


A: 我非常不想去这个聚会,里面有不想面对的人。I don't want to go to this party. There is someone I don't want to meet.

B: 不去不就得了。 Why not just not going there.

Or similarly

B: 不如就不去。


不就得了 is an oral and informal phrase which usually used in giving someone some simple and clear recommendations(or answers/advices...etc).



B:叫外送不就得了? (or 自己煮不就得了? )




Not too sure what 不就得了 means without more context.

It seems to get translated as 'just' quite often.

you sleep (on) his floor (of the building) why not
Why don't you (just) sleep on his floor (of the building)? [Maybe it is higher and quieter???]

Where are you going? Just try them on. / Why not try them on?

George: (You) Just kick her out. / Why don't you just kick her out?

Well, just give me my money back. / Well, why not just give me my money back.

A lot of people will say, "Just buy another pet." / "Why not (just) buy another pet?"



bù jiùdéle
(rhetorical question tagged onto the end of sentence, indicating "...will be good enough," often implying the speaker is dissatisfied or impatient)


and won't that be the end of it

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