I have a bunch of English sentences I need to translate. For some the sentences, I need to use specific phrases or words. I was wondering if someone could check if they are correct or not. If they are not correct, please tell me what I can fix.

  1. He bought some fruit and brought it here for us.


  1. Let's not go out to run, it's late, moreover it's so cold outside. Use:再说


  1. If you can speak in Chinese more often, your speaking will get better and better. Use:越来越


  1. We should eat the fruits, otherwise they will go bad. Use:要不然


  1. The school computers were stolen, weren't they? Use:。。。被了吧?

学校的电脑被偷了吧?On the instruction sheet, the 被 and 了吧 aren't separated. However, I placed a 偷 in between the two. I was wondering if this is ok or not.

  1. Chinese is not as difficult as people think。 Use:没有。。。那么


  1. The place I live is to the north of the Student Well Center. Use: Student Center - 学生健康中心


  1. The language lab is inside the building to the south of the computer center. Use:楼-building


Thank you very much

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2 - 8 are all correct (in question four, translate 'go bad' as '变坏' or '腐坏' is better than '变质'

The first problem in question one is the "and" between two verb phrases indicates the two actions occur one after another, therefore you should treat it the same as 'then'. Use '然后' instead of '和'.

The second problem is "for us" here doesn't mean "for our sake" (为) but "(to) us" "(给)我们”.

The third problem is the location "here" in "brought it here for us" should still be placed before the object in Chinese

The correct sentence is 他买了一些水果[然后]带到这里[给]我们

  • For question 6, do you think 中文没有人们想象的那么难。 is a better sentence? Thanks
    – a23
    Oct 25, 2020 at 4:17
  • 中文没有人们想象中那么难 would be even better
    – Tang Ho
    Oct 25, 2020 at 7:23

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