I was reading a newspaper article about the US election, and in the context of Trump's early claim of his election success, it describes the time Bush Jr's election was called early:

screenshot of 美国大选计票出现“过山车”

In particular I'm confused about:


I'm unclear on what 撒回 means here; it seems something like "retract", in the sense of: leaders retract their (premature) congratulations. But I'm not sure.

Question: What does 撒回 mean in 部分领导人撒回祝贺,一些领导人则保持沉默?


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Yes, 撤退 = retreat; 撤回 = redraw / retract

撤回前言 (retract the previous words)

撤回祝贺 (retract the congratulations)

撤回 is a formal term for retracting a formal statement

  • Ooh! It's a different character! (撤回 not 撒回)
    – Becky 李蓓
    Nov 5, 2020 at 12:25

It should be 撤回, not 撒回.

It means to do the reverse action of a specific action, e.g. undo, unsend, retract, pull back, roll back.


Some leaders unsend their congratulations, while some leaders keep silence.

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