Please solve the puzzle below

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  1. Use the power of others to dominate

  2. Like bathing in the spring breeze

  3. Rock breaking shock the sky

  4. It's like disappearing all at once

  5. A very long distance

  6. Earthmoving, mountains shaking

  7. An unfair treaty signed under the threat of force

  8. Describe the peril and suffering of the people

  9. Swear in the name of heaven and the sun

  10. Come and go as will

  11. burn books and bury scholars

  12. Counterfeiting

  13. Albatross

  14. Useless person

  15. Offense one's superior

  16. accompany the sovereign is like accompanying a tiger

  17. When seeing a virtuous man, can't help but want to imitate

  18. Lest all under heaven are not in chaos and disorder, (motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos)

  19. Arrogantly overestimate oneself

  20. Continuously Day and night

  21. Selectively blessed by Heaven

  22. In a hurry, can't wait

  23. Sing the praises of someone

A. Mutual destruction

B. Unexpected disaster

C. Like a fish in the water

D. The sky collapse, the earth crack

E. One of the 戰國四公子

F. Only I on top (Describes people who are arrogant and look down on others)

G. Like the sun at noon (at the highest point of prosperity)

H. Describe a deserted place with harsh natural conditions

I. Once riding on the back of a tiger, it is dangerous to get off (a metaphor for facing a dilemma)

J. Play with fire and get burned

K. Not too fast, not too slow (study pace)

L. Describe one's air of magnificence and awesomeness

M. 俠以武作亂 (originally 俠以武犯禁)

N. 儒以文犯法 (originally 儒以文亂法)

O. Expecting to be soon

P. The entire country is in turmoil

Q. Oath between two lovers

R. Clear insights

S. Party every night

T. Wind is cool, water is cold (cool and comfortable)

U. Feeling or mentally poor and not thinking about food.

V. The self-proclaimed title of 孫悟空


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Answered in simplified Chinese. And agree with tsh.

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The answer to the Puzzle

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In case someone didn't know, I created all the puzzles I posted here to challenge other users, not seeking the answers I don't know.

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