I don't understand the meaning of . I found out that it could be used to ask permission, but also to permit or authorize. This is really confusing to me because I never know what it means... Could anyone explain to me how to use well, and how to understand it well?

I found these exemples :

上课的时候,老师不让 我们 说。

Thank you.


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In general "让" means "Let"

  1. "奥运会可以世界认识中。" = Let...known
  2. 妈妈弟弟做作业。 = Let
  3. 上课的时候,老师不让 我们 说。= Don't let.

The "Let" word in English, we may use it to ask for permission. However in Chinese, not only it can be used to ask for permission, it can also be used to describe a consequence of an act (Made me to).

Eg. 他让我用他的车 = He let me to use his car.

Eg. 他让我觉得尴尬 = He made me feel awkward.

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