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  1. A grain of rice in the sea. A metaphor for something small and insignificant

  2. To bluff

  3. Disappear without a trace, no news, or nothing to follow

  4. Idiom

  5. The multi-level gates are tightly locked. Describes that the protection and blockade are very tight

  6. A metaphor for situations that makes people suspicious.

  7. Elite newcomer

  8. adopted son

  9. A long time

  10. Repay a favor

  11. Male matchmaker

  12. Never miss the target

  13. Age 50

  14. A long long time (like eternality)

  15. Depend on others and cannot be independent

  16. Self-taught

  17. Expression doesn't change (doesn't seem to be affected or care)

  18. Walking instead of riding transportation

  19. Bicycle

  20. Only change the form, but the content and essence stay the same

  21. The gain does not compensate for the lost

  22. A hermit's life

  23. Ability to tolerate and forgive others

  24. Time changes

A. Even the stubborn stones are convinced

B. You can see a person's appearance but you cannot see what is in his heart

C. A praise for 関羽

D. Melon seeds

E. Change the appearance completely

F. After a long time, things change beyond recognition

G. The plum tree was bitten by insects and died instead of the peach tree, which satirizes the brothers’ inability to help and love each other

H. The area between the nose and the upper lip

I. Time does not wait for us. Metaphor for missed the opportunity, regrets too late

J. Only under the top boss (above everyone else)

K. The title of heir of the kingship or lordship in ancient time

L. Have students all over the world

M. sleeping pill

N. dispute

O. Sincere and affectionate words

P. At the pinnacle of one's popularity and power

Q. Been through a long time

R. Waterwheel

S. 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM

T. Unintentional mistake

U. A battle-hardened elite army

V. Easy

W. Gain fame quickly

X. Did something wrong and now suffer the consequences (You asked for it)

Y. Having inner and outer beauty

Z. Extremely numerous

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The second version, corrected. Thank you~.

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  • Good job! I have 重門深鎖 for (5). Didn't know there's another similar idiom 重垣疊鎖 and I would accept it as a correct answer. (P) is 當時得令 and you forgot to fill in the character 時. (K) is 世子 (the title of heir); 世襲 is 'a system' (W) 聲名鵲起 not 鶴起. Correct them and I will accept your answer
    – Tang Ho
    Dec 21, 2020 at 20:17
  • I would accept 爭執,爭議,爭論,爭吵 for (N)
    – Tang Ho
    Dec 21, 2020 at 20:19
  • Thak your for correction.
    – ytlu
    Dec 22, 2020 at 7:29

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