I heard this phrase from a TV drama.

Are these also correct?






得很 (very) is for describing a high degree of the adjective. e.g. 鮮牛肉貴得很 - Fresh beef is very expensive

得多 (much more) is for describing a much higher degree of the adjective for one object in comparison to another object. e.g. 鮮牛肉比冰牛肉貴得多 - Fresh beef is much more expensive than frozen beef

  • If you mean 'very', then '多' in '鮮牛肉貴得很多' is nonsensical. The sentence itself is wrong. It has to be '鮮牛肉貴得很'

  • If you mean 'much more', First, you need another item for comparison. And second '很' in '鮮牛肉比冰牛肉貴得很多' would be redundant.

Either 鮮牛肉比冰牛肉貴[得多] or 鮮牛肉比冰牛肉貴[很多] would be correct, but not 鮮牛肉比冰牛肉貴[得很多]

In your examples, It would be either 足球好玩得很 (football is very fun to play) or 足球比籃球好玩得多 (football is much more fun to play than basketball)

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