I found this in what I suspect is a very colloquial Cantonese website: 點解觀塘咁L塞

What is this 'L'? I am sure I must have seen this before, but I do not understand in what context.


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From 廣東粗口五大字



當用作粗口時,正寫為「尸」字裡加個「粦」字,[發音為 lan2],俗寫為「門」字裡加個「能」字,即是「𨶙」字。當作為粗口時,則解成下列意思:

名詞,「陽具」的意思 (Noun: "penis")

語氣助詞,只用於加強語氣,用於句子中;(Modal auxiliary words, only used to strengthen the tone and used in sentences)


近年網民使用時,有時為避免出現粗口字,會以英文字母「L」代替。 (In recent years, netizens sometimes use the English letter "L" instead to avoid swear words.)

點解觀塘咁(L)塞 = 點解觀塘咁(撚)塞 = Why is Kwun Tong so (damn) congested

'塞' is short for '塞車' (be congested)- of traffic

We also use:

  • '小' for '屌'

  • '忍' for '𨶙'

  • '狗' for '㞗'

  • '西' for '屄'

  • '實' for '杘'

  • L = 𨶙 = fucking/damn

  • 咁L = why so damn/why so fucking

L is like a softening of something like the f-word, in written language, maybe akin to frick. But, you'll probably find it's usually spoken out in full.

This singer JB also has a song called:


咁撚 can also be written = 咁L, which should probably be properly written: 咁𨶙

Xiami translates the song into English as:

Why So Fat (Limiter)

Here though 咁l is probably better translated as:

  • 咁l = so (fucking)

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