This line came from 深呼吸 by Yu Quan 羽泉。 迫不及待 - anxious to wait 开始倒计 - begin counting down

Would it just be translate as 'anxious to wait, I begin to count down'?

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迫不及待 - cannot wait anymore

开始倒计 - begin counting down (which means the thing you are waiting for will start soon)


I believe 开始倒计 is just an unusual weird abbreviation for Chinese rhythm. People normally say 开始倒计时 to mean "start the countdown".

开始 start, begin

倒计时 (verb) count down, (noun) countdown

Chinese rhythm requires four characters per pause, therefore it is unusually abbreviated to 开始倒计.

迫不及待 is an ancient Chinese idiom for "can't wait anymore".

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