Generally speaking,verbs need more grammar explanations, but nouns don't. Does it mean that verbs are more difficulty than nouns or vice vasa?

  • you really just asked that huh – 小奥利奥 Jan 12 at 8:01
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    I think it is a given that verbs in any language are more complicated than nouns – Tang Ho Jan 12 at 9:41
  • As a native speaker in study (middle school) I really think that verbs are easy than nouns, but you may not think so. Reasons? 1) English has too difficult verbs (especially the tenses, they are the main deduction point in my exams), which made me think Chinese is easy in verbs. 2) When studying, nouns have types such as positive ones, negative ones, pronouns etc. Although verbs have similar types but (as I know) we don't have to know much about them, at least for now. 3) Using verbs well is easy, but not for nouns, in compozitions. – Chrimpyslime Feb 11 at 8:25

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