What is the meaning and usage of 提提大家?please give an example sentence or phrase.

I have seen that the meaning of 提提 is to keep calm, but putting these two in google translate gives me “mention everyone”.

  • You tagged Cantonese in this question. Google translate doesn't have a option to translate from Cantonese.
    – dROOOze
    Jan 12 '21 at 5:48
  • 1
    I used google translate thinking that the translation might be similar to standard chinese, and assuming that this is not a colloquial phrase or slang.
    – cgo
    Jan 12 '21 at 5:55
  • Native Chinese here(though I don't like China, it's personal), and I have never in my life seen or heard such a strange expression...
    – user27247
    Jan 14 '21 at 2:54

This question's answer will address two things.

  1. the advantage of compound words (specific) over the single character words (general)

  2. the function of the reduplicated verbs

提 as a single character verb can mean:

  • 提起,提及 (mention)

  • 提醒 (remind)

  • 提示 (prompt)

  • 提起 (lift; pick up)


別再他了 = 別再提起他了 (Let's don't mention him again)

記得他吃藥 = 記得提醒他吃藥 (remember to remind him to take medicine)

他,讓他自己想 = 別提示他,讓他自己想 (don't prompt him, let him think for himself)

刀斬人 = 提起刀斬人 (pick up a blade and hack people)

It would be much more precise to use compound words 提起,提醒 and 提示 than using the single character verb 提.

A single character verb can be reduplicated to indicate 'briefly; in a slight degree or in a casual manner'


試學廣東話 = try to learn Cantonese

試試學廣東話 = try to learn Cantonese a little (briefly; in a slight degree or in a casual manner)

看電影,吃飯 = watch movies, eat dinner

看看電影, 吃吃飯 = watch some movies, eat some dinner (indicate a casual manner)

提提大家 = (slightly; briefly) remind everyone

Example sentence:

提提大家,集會時間是晚上九時 = (slightly; briefly) remind everyone, the gathering time is 9:00 pm

It is the same as 稍為提醒大家,集會時間是晚上九時

  • thank you for the very substantial explanation. I just would like to point out that there is a very similar structure or nuance in colloquial Filipino. When you repeat some verbs, the idea becomes very casual, brief, indicating a slight manner. This is very fun to know that this idea also exists in canto.
    – cgo
    Jan 14 '21 at 3:18

It could mean to remind everyone. For example, 請提提大家食飯 would mean to remind everyone to eat a meal.

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