I was suddenly reminded of this poem today:

Mo Mo


I sell dreams, cheap
following my inclinations like a dog who sold his master
I sell epochs,
my body crosshatched with scars
I sell time, diarrhetic
penniless as fresh air
I sell country, motherland disappears
I sell space, earth vanishes
I hold the universe in my hand and write you a love letter

I sell holidays, together with loneliness
in ignorance of the world
I sell everything:
life, breath, death
But tonight you must listen
I'm going to kiss you seriously
and turn over like a sunken boat
You're the ocean
the only thing I have left

translated by Wang Ping and Lewis Warsh

I believe that Wang Ping is: 王屏 but I'm not totally sure. I don't know who Mo Mo is or could be. Some other details on the source material:

Avant-Garde Chinese Poetry
1982-1992: 6 Poets
Translated by Wang Ping

But I think it was actually published in:

New Generation: Poems from China Today, 1999

Any ideas? Who is Mo Mo? What was the original of "Sold Out"?

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From a quick search, 默默 is the pen name for the poet 朱伟国 of the 撒娇派, a certain school of modern Chinese poetry:

I wasn't able to find a list of his oeuvre though.

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