Does "祝你好运!" expect any "predefined" reply? Which one? If not, what should be replied? Would just "谢谢" be appropriate?

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    It would be perfectly fine. You can always reciprocate: “谢谢, 我也祝你好运!” – monalisa Feb 12 at 0:01
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    That's fine, or reply "你也好运". – Shaw Feb 12 at 0:37
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    Sometimes, “你也好运” is not appropriate. For example, you are going to take an exam, your teacher says to you “祝你好运”. “Thank you”just be appropriate. – zz22 Feb 12 at 16:25

“祝你好运” means “Good luck!” “谢谢”Just be appropriate.

  • Thanks for your answer! Do you mean that one can say "祝你好运" to a third person, too? Or to multiple people? Could be used ironically, too? – Starnuto di topo Feb 13 at 17:44
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    @Starnutoditopo yes! Everyone like luck. – zz22 Feb 13 at 22:45

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