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这世界,缺你不可, p.90.

I translate it to something like:

I fundamentally don't speak French, and at the time I 拼命连比带画 (??), and wanted to ask the painter if he could paint another of the girl just now, but he didn't understand.

Google Translate gives:

I don't speak French at all. I tried desperately to paint, and wanted to ask if the artist could paint me another portrait of the girl just now, but he did not understand it.

The words are:

  • 拼命 = "to do one's utmost"
  • 连比 = "compound ratio" (???)
  • = "to take along"
  • = "painting"

I don't understand how this fits together.

Question: What does 拼命连比带画 mean?

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比 = gesture

画 = draw

比画 = gesture (with hand)

Please see 連 verb A 带 verb B

连A带B indicates 'also' or 'both'.

verb A and verb B happen at the same time or alternately.

noun A and noun B are both the objects

Emphasis is on 'about equal in importance'

Using [連 verb A 带 verb B] create mostly idiomatic phrases when the verbs are related


哄骗 --> 連哄带骗

滚爬 --> 連滚带爬

比画 --> 连比带画 (Here we just break the compound verb 比画 into two individual verbs to emphasize them both and make it idiomatic.)

哄 and 骗 at the same time is 哄骗

比 and 画 at the same time is 比画

拼命 means 'desperately; earnestly'

拼命连比带画 = desperately gesturing

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