What are the differences between:

信息 vs 讯息?

  • Perhaps 信 is more related to the mailing?

  • Perhaps 讯 is more related to the information?

  • Perhaps 息 is related to the breathing?

  • I found 讯息 is used more in TWN than in mainland. 信息 is used more in mainland China. – dan Feb 14 at 3:26

I originally thought the two are the same but after some research, I've reached the following conclusion:

信息 - information (in general)


大量信息 - a lot of information

毫无信息 - no information,

错误信息 - wrong information

科学信息 - scientific information

互通信息 - mutually sending information = sharing information

讯息 - message; news; information (specific)

讯息是一段独立的沟通内容,由传送者传达给一个或多个对象 - It is an independent piece of communication, which is communicated by the sender to one or more objects )


一段讯息 - a message

错误讯息 - wrong message

求救讯息 - help message (SOS is a message)

互通讯息 (mutually sending messages = communicating)

A message is a piece of specific information, therefore 一段讯息(a message) is also an information

  • 信 (letter) contains information

  • 讯 (message; news) e.g. 新闻快讯 (express news); 社区简讯 (Community newsletter)

  • 息 (breath) gives a detectable sign = provides information

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