I'm not sure if this word exists in the states or even in the UK but in Ireland we call extra tuition outside of school grinds. I give maths and physics grinds to a number of students.

I am aware of the term 家教 but it just doesn't feel right in the context that I want to use it.

How would I say for example :

  1. I give maths grinds to 3 students.

  2. I offered free grinds to my students.

  3. Giving grinds is good money.

Thank you all.

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If grinds mean tutoring/ tuition in this context, we can just simply translate grinds as 补习.

If you need to specific, you can say 校外补习 (outside school tutoring) or 私人补习 (private tutoring)

I give maths grinds to 3 students. - 我给3名学生做数学补习。

I offered free grinds to my students. - 我向学生提供免费补习。

Giving grinds is good money. - 给人补习的收入不错

Usually, 给人补习 (give tuition) is a job for 家庭教师 (private teacher), but anyone qualified can offer tuition to anyone who needs it.

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    I never understand why people would write sentences like 我给3名学生做数学补习. Why can't they just write "我给3名学生补习数学"? Once my wife said: " I'm going to 做運動." I asked her: "運動 is already a verb. Why do you put another verb in front of it? Why can't you just said "I am going to 運動?" She became furious.
    – joehua
    Mar 31, 2021 at 0:38
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    @ joehua I just translate "I give maths grinds to 3 students." word by word literally to avoid confusing the asker. If the original sentence was "I tutor three students maths' I would translate it as '我给3名学生补习数学' as you suggested. The asker may wonder why I changed 补习 from noun to verb
    – Tang Ho
    Mar 31, 2021 at 1:02
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    @ joehua In "I'm going to 做運動" It is perfectly fine with 做(v) followed by a noun 運動(n) . She might want to emphasize 運動 as a noun. She would not say "I am going to 做打老公" because "打老公" cannot be treated as a noun like 運動 does. So, relax, Not every words can be either noun or verb, and not all nouns work with the verb 做
    – Tang Ho
    Mar 31, 2021 at 1:13
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    Yes. It's perfectly fine except there is a 贅字。This is a minor case. There are much more offensive cases in newspapers. Sooner or later, they'll show up here.
    – joehua
    Mar 31, 2021 at 2:37
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    Example: 做 in '去美容院做按摩' is not a 贅字 because '去美容院按摩' could mean you are the one giving instead of getting a 按摩
    – Tang Ho
    Mar 31, 2021 at 2:49

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