enter image description hereI have an air quality detector meter.

It has the name of the manufactures written on the bottom.

What's the english translation?

Does this manufacturer have a web page?



In the web page https://www.chinahao.com/product/538115265141/, clicking the "DETAILS" tab, there's this pic a the end. Is this the manufacturer?

enter image description here


enter image description here

阿格瑞斯 is seemingly a transliteration of "Aceras"

'Aceras' is a genus of orchid

This 阿格瑞斯 company in Shenzhen specialized in air quality detection and solution since 2003

  • Thanks for your response. Can you identify the manufacturer of the 阿格瑞斯 air meter in any of the online shopping pages? The model is a WP6912. item.jd.com/10175823103.html – Ron Bergen Mar 31 at 2:55
  • @Ron Bergen The manufacturer 阿格瑞斯 itself seems to be obscured, but it is a very prominent brand on these shopping pages, you can contact the shopping pages to learn more – Tang Ho Mar 31 at 2:59
  • Please check my edit. Does it say on the pic if it is the manufacturer?Thanks. – Ron Bergen Mar 31 at 3:37
  • See my edition at the bottom – Tang Ho Mar 31 at 3:45

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