I'm trying to find a good Cantonese pingshu performer. I would really like to find something akin to Li Boqing (李伯清) speaking in Chengduese or Wu Wen (吴文) speaking in Chongqingese. Something similar to Guo Degang's (郭德纲) performances would work as well.

Some similarities these actors share:

  • Born no later than '73
  • Old-school (老派) speakers
  • Stand-up/storytelling performers
  • Popular in the ~90s/00s

I think there's a good sweet spot of speakers born in the 40s who did well in the 90s and managed avoiding more modern-官话 corruption.


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For Cantonese, you can search 講古人(story teller)

講古佬 is a more casual/ colloquial term for it

  • 講 means 'talk'

  • 古 here doesn't mean 'ancient'. It is short for '古仔' (故事; tales) which include recent events and fictional story

Since 講古 is strictly a Cantonese term, the people you find on the search would all be Cantonese 评书 or 评话.

Meanwhile, 説書人 is a more literary term for 講古人/ 講古佬

Also, you can look at 楝篤笑 (Stand-up comedy) performer

  • 楝篤 = stand vertical

  • 笑 = 講笑話 (telling jokes)

  • Could you recommend any specific performers?
    – Mou某
    Apr 3, 2021 at 12:13

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