The dictionary has a meaning like this:

台 tái = platform, unit, term of address

What does “term of address” mean? Does tái mean address?

  1. When means 'platform', you may see it in 月台 (train platform), 舞台 (stage), 電台 (radio station), 電視台 (TV station) etc.

  2. When is a unit, you may see it in 一台貨車 (a truck), 一台電腦 (a computer); it is a counter for bulky objects.

  3. may also be an abbreviation for Taiwan, as in 台式 (Taiwanese style).

  4. as a term of address (address here means speaking or writing to someone, not a location) is possible, although somewhat archaic / formal. In the past it is very common to attach ~鑒 after the addressee's name in letters. Depending on their status relative to yours, you choose the correct character before : e.g., 台鑒 for peers, 鈞鑒 for reverent people, and 雅鑒 for ladies. You also end the letter with salutations like 即候台安 or 順頌台祺, again depending on your status. Put simply, is a general term of address for peers. If you're interested you may refer to this link to see an exhaustive list on the correct terms of address in various situations.

  • 台式could also be “stationary”:台式电脑 means a PC rather than laptop – imkzh Apr 29 at 8:34

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