I can't read Chinese, and don't understand CUHK. How does († lame; crippled) relate to 尤 (especially, particularly)? Yellowbridge.

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  • Uhh...that Yellowbridge entry is confusing, 尢 is not a functional component of 尤, it is a shape that happens to share the same form as the part of 尤 without the dot. That dictionary doesn’t have clear entries... – dROOOze Apr 8 at 7:55

尢 and 尤 are not related at all.

尢 is a crippled man with deformed legs as contrasted with the man in 大 having straight legs. Thus it means lame or crippled. This character is no longer used in modern scripture and is written as 尪 with an additional 王 phonetic component.

尤 is possibly a variant form of hand 又 with an extra stroke probably representing a wound or wart which later became 疣. Origins for 尤 is unclear to me though, but 又 is definitely a part of 尤.

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