What is the best way to say a standing order ?

Just to be clear I am referring to a bank standing order where I set it up such that my rent is paid by bank transfer on a monthly basis.

  • 我的房租是經過(由)銀行帳戶"定期自動支付".
    – r13
    Apr 10 at 21:57
  1. The most literal translation is 常行指示 ('standing instruction'). It is seen used in HSBC and Standard Charted documents. BOC uses 常設指示, which is similar.
  2. 定期/按期 (regular; periodical) + 付款/支付 (payment) are also possible, perhaps more idiomatic, translations of standing order in banking (see here), but they are not literal. They also do not specify if the regular payment is pre-instructed by a bank account holder.

Keep it simple:

automatic repayment


automatic payment

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