I stumbled upon this text extolling the work of the Communist Party. It states:


My gut feeling is that 有步骤地 means „methodically“ or „step by step“, since the most literal meanings of the word seem to go back to walking slowly. But the PLC dictionary entry for 步骤 also lists “measure”.

So is “step by step, methodically” correct or is it ”with measures, actively“?

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    You are more correct than the dictionary. But I doubt there should be explanations other than "measure". For instance, it can be used to indicate a series of steps in a procedure such as "步骤一....步骤二....", or "按步骤進行" - advancing one's work following the procedure. There is an implied meaning "methodic", so in your case, it can mean "methodically resolved...". – r13 Apr 22 at 23:58

有步骤 can be found in a few Pleco dictionaries:

One English:


methodical, systematic

One French:



And one German:


operativ (A)

有步骤地 can also be found in two Pleco example sentences:

This one from PLC:

yǒu jìhuà yǒu bùzhòu de jìnxíng gōngzuò
work in a planned and methodical way

And this one from Oxford

carry out the work step by step in a well-planned way

“Step by step, methodically” seems to be the winner here.

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