This is from a native speaker: 完整讲解请至官网收看.

Would 了解 and 理解 be suitable to be used in place of 讲解? for example:




In short, no.

  1. 講解 as a verb means 'to explicate (with speech)', but both 了解 and 理解 tend to mean 'to comprehend'. Even their grammatical subject is different: teachers explain, whereas students learn and comprehend.

  2. 講解 here is a noun that means 'explanation'. The sentence can be translated as: 'For explanation in full, please watch (the video) on (our) official website'. This is obviously not said from the viewpoint of a student, so 了解 and 理解 do not make any sense here.

  3. Then why do all three have the character ? means something like 'to solve', but in 講解 someone else is solving the problem on behalf of the person in doubt, because it is done via speech (, to speak). Whereas in 了解 and 理解, usually it is implied that the person in doubt solves the problem themself. (In classical Chinese, means 'to understand', whereas means 'principle; reason'.)


No, neither 了解 nor 理解 fit the bill. Can't really think of a good substitute.

complete lecture video please to official website watch
Please go to the/our official website to watch the complete video.


讲 - 說明, 傳述; 解 - 解釋, 解答, the two words combined means "verbal explanation".

Both 了解 and 理解 mean "understand", which is the ability to comprehend the nature or meaning of a message perceive mentally, no matter the form of the message was delivered.

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