Are there some differences between 信 and 讯?

such as

新华社讯(why not 信?)

通风报信(why not 讯?)

It seems they are always the same. Are there some cases where we need to use 信 and 讯 selectively?

  • Does this answer your question? Differences: 信息 vs 讯息?
    – L Parker
    Apr 28 '21 at 5:00
  • sorry this is not what I want Apr 28 '21 at 5:31
  • nowadays,for daily user perspective,讯 usually involves telecommunication,while 信 is more generic。
    – imkzh
    Apr 29 '21 at 9:48

讯 is "news", its broader meanings and usages include "ask" and "interrogate".

信 is "letter" (that contains and delivers a message). It also has broad meanings and usages, but none of them comes close to the meaning of 讯.

By your judgment, which word is to be used in the following sentences.

新华社"信" - Xinhua news agency "letter" (信), or should it be Xinhua news agency "news" (讯)?

通风报"讯" - An act of an embed person (線人) alerting and sending the "news" (讯) of the recipient's (usually his associates) enemy or opposition, or an act of alerting and sending the "information" (as through a message,信) of the recipient's enemy or opposition?

Same as in English, sometimes we need to know the broader meanings of a word and its typical usages in order to fully understand the word and its proper uses.


The difference between 信 and 讯 is explained here Differences: 信息 vs 讯息?

  • 讯: message; a specific piece of information

  • 信: letter (contains information in general)

通风报信(why not 讯?)

Type in 通风报 in the search engine, the first page will be filled with 通风报讯 entries. Obviously, some people use 信 and 讯 interchangeably and made 通风报信 a somewhat accepted variant of 通风报讯 which is the standard one

通风报讯 (Whistleblowing) is more appropriate than 通风报信 because the act of 通风报讯 is more like sending a message than giving a report

新华社讯(why not 信?)

讯 in 新华社讯 implies there are specific pieces of information (news items).

新华社信 implies 'a letter from 新华社' -- like an editorial

More examples:

通信 = exchange letters (互通书信)

发信 = send a letter (发出书信)

通讯 = exchange message (互通讯息)

发讯 = send a message (发出讯息)

发讯号 = send a signal (发出讯号)

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