I've noticed in a few Chinese songs that, when the lyrics take up multiple lines, the second line will be shifted to the right or off-center.

The biggest example of this is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2601BDvx2U

If you skip around the video you'll see what I mean- there's a lot of spacing between words, and in this example they even confine it to a grid.

Is there a name for this? Is it an old Chinese writing practice? I feel like I've noticed it in quite a few songs now.

Thank you! Also heads up I know no Chinese

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    It has nothing to do with Chinese, It is just an artistic choice of the subtitle editor. Maybe he though it would make the subtitle look more 'organic' than 'mechanic' – Tang Ho May 2 at 20:22
  • Even on the video I linked? – OtheJared May 3 at 0:43
  • Even on the video I linked? Yes. – Wayne Cheah May 3 at 4:45

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