When you want to say hello to many people in front of you, which one is correct to say "Hello everyone": 大家好 or 你好大家?

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While 大家 does mean 'everyone', it functions like the 2nd person plural pronoun ('you all') here. In *你好大家, there are two problems:

  • With always being the 2nd person singular pronoun, the plurality is confusing.
  • Even if you say it like *你們好大家 to match the plurality, there is much redundancy. It is ungrammatical and nonsensical to add a subject (大家) after a topic–comment (你們好) sentence.

Much better if you say 大家好 or 你們好 instead. 大家 is friendlier than 你們.


大家好 can be found in multiple dictionaries and reference materials. Here is one such example:


dàjiā hǎo

hello everyone

你好大家 does not seem to have been recorded in any reference books and just sounds like poorly translated English.

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