This is a little bit embarrassing, considering I'm currently studying HSK6-level content, but I cannot memorize how to write the HSK4 words:

建议 (jiàn​yì​)
CC-CEDICT: to propose / to suggest / to recommend / proposal / suggestion / recommendation / CL: 個|个, 點|点

意见 (yì​jiàn​)
CC-CEDICT: idea / opinion / suggestion / objection / complaint / CL: 點|点, 條|条


Question: What's a mnemonic for remembering the characters in 建议 and 意见?

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    建议: to build (建) an argument (议). May think of 建议 as being constructive. 意见: the opinion (n. 见) of sb's mind (意).
    – L Parker
    Commented May 19, 2021 at 3:29

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Just remember:

建立 - erect

议論 - theory

建议 (raise theories) --> to suggest (v) --> suggestion (n)


意 - mind

见 - see

意见 (mind see) --> idea ; opinion

Just associate the single characters in these compound words with other related compound words. In short, cross reference them

Also see 认识 vs 知道 based on glyph origins


建议 - Suggest, offer an idea.

意见 - One's idea, opinion.

讓我提供一個建议, 看大家的意见如何. Allow me to provide a suggestion, and see everybody's idea/opinion.

這是我的建议, 你的意见如何? This is my suggestion, how you feel about it (based on your idea/opinion).

我建议如此進行, 你有意见嗎? I suggest proceed with this way, do you have a different idea/opinion.

我的意见和你的建议背道而馳. My idea/opinion is opposite to your suggestion.

Here is a pair that may confuse you, but would help if you can figure out the differences.

我不贊同你的建议. I don't agree with your suggestion (I disapprove of the idea provided)

我不贊同你的意见. I don't agree with your idea/opinion (I disapprove of the thought).

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