In what kinds of sentences can "马马虎虎" be used? Would I be able to use it to describe how good food tastes, and if so, how would I structure the sentence? Is it usually used by itself as a sentence? I'm never sure if the context is right to use it or not. I want to describe a food as tasting mediocre.


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  1. To express a mediocre taste, I think it's better to say


  2. 馬虎 is generally used when we wish to comment on someone’s attitude. It may be used when you wish to criticise someone’s preparation of the dish as sloppy:

    (lit.) This dish is done in a sloppy manner.

  3. The sense 'so-so' (還過得去 in Cihai's definition), as in

    (lit.) This dish, it's so-so.

    , is very colloquial, perhaps regional. It is found in Cihai but not in Taiwan dictionaries.


In your case, you can say 这道菜马马虎虎. Similar use 这台电视马马虎虎。

It can also be used adverbally. E. g. 他歌唱得马马虎虎。

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