This is from a HSK5 exam listening section:


I'm not sure what 按 is doing in this sentence. From the context, it seems to mean something like "attempted to operate".

按 (àn​)
CC-CEDICT: to press / to push / to leave aside or shelve / to control / to restrain / to keep one's hand on / to check or refer to / according to / in the light of / (of an editor or author) to make a comment

Perhaps "to control" is the appropriate meaning here. I'm not sure.

Question: What does 按 mean in 打印机好像坏了,我按半天了,一直没反应?

Google Translate translates the first part to the following, which is not particularly helpful:

The printer seems to be broken. I have pressed it for a long time, but there is no response.

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You can treated it as an abbreviation of :


Or in English,

.... I have pressed (the buttons on) it for a long time, ....

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