This question is not about the tones. It is about how do you pronounce the word that starts with a "C".

脆 Cuì
碎 Suì

猜 Cāi
腮 Sāi

Above pair of words sound so familiar but I could hear the difference. I don't know whether I repeat it after correctly or not. I have no teacher to hear me out when I repeat it after. So when I pronounce each word that start with a "C" like following, I pronounce it like it starts with the "Ts".

脆 Cuì = Tsuì (my pronunciation)
猜 Cāi = Tsāi (my pronunciation)
藏 Cáng = Tsáng (my pronunciation)
从 Cóng = Tsóng (my pronunciation)

Is that correct?

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Should be correct. As a native Chinese speaker, I'm using my Chinese 'C' to pronounce the 'ts' in English. So I think the other way around should be fine too.


Yeah , ts is a good approximation.

Of course ts only really occurs at the end of words in English

Read the following out loud:

Bits way

Bits way

Bits way

( again without the Bi )

ts way

ts way

ts way



  • Nice technique! And if I see any word that starts with the Q or Z such as , , or . Is it also correct to pronounce those words with the T as the prefix such as = Tqù, = Tqǐng, = Tzǒu or = Tzài.
    – O Connor
    Jul 26, 2021 at 10:15

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