Im going to get a tattoo soon, and I was searching ideas on the internet and I come up with this chinese saying (view death as simply returning to where one came from) which apparently means not fearing death. Can someone by any means help me on how the saying would be like in chinese . I would appreciate it !


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/shì sǐ rú guī/

釋義: 把犧牲生命看成是回到自己的家一般,

Meaning: Think of sacrificing life as returning to one's own home

視 = see

死 = death

如 = as

歸 = return; go back

視死如歸 = see death as going home (meaning 'not afraid of dying' - 不怕死)

Simplified Chinese: 视死如归

Note: Use traditional characters if your audience is Taiwan or Hong Kong Chinese; use simplified Chinese if your audience is Mainland China Chinese


It is spoken: shì sǐ rú guī

Regard death like coming home.

(It) describes in the name of justice, no fear of death.

Mr. Lü's Spring and Autumn, Wu Gong (@239BC)

All soldiers, regard(视shì) death (死sǐ) as (如rú) returning (归guī) .

returning: returning home.

What lamentable home lives they must have had!!

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