I guess this word means a term of an official post, but now we also find words like 这一届网友不吃你这一套 or 这一届群众没那么容易欺骗了,so what does the word really mean? 今年举办的欧洲杯是第几届?what exactly does that mean? Does it mean how many matches will be held for the EUFA Cup this year?


Normally ~屆 is a counter for regularly/periodically held events. More formal than ~次, one may say.

第十六屆歐洲盃 the sixteenth EUFA cup

本屆理事 incumbent director

It is however used figuratively in 這一屆網友. I guess one may translate that into 'this generation of netizens'. Generations (of netizens) do come and go.

  • @L Parker Would you tell me what the equivalent is in English for that sentence 今年举办的欧洲杯是第几届? Because I like to know the exact meaning. Thanks. Jun 18 at 6:12
  • There isn't a direct equivalent in English. Probably "which time" or "which round".
    – L Parker
    Jun 18 at 7:16
  • @NanningYouth "What is the value of N if this is the Nth venue of EUFA Cup?" Jun 18 at 12:21
  • @WangDingwei This looks so complicated that people may be more confused when asked. Jun 19 at 14:24
  • @NanningYouth I'm sorry if you felt that way. I really don't see an equivalent in English. Is "How manyth EUFA Cup is this" proper English? Jun 21 at 9:09

In mainland China 这一届网友/人民 is mostly a mocking phrase that was inspired by 这一届政府(this term of government office, a formal description).

Typical usages I've seen:

  • "这一届人民不行" —— First happened as a self mockery. There was an official media article saying that the people should be blamed for social corruption. People replied "这届人民不行,配不上这届政府".
  • "这届网友不行" —— Again mockery, millennials criticizing post-millennials for being more conservative and more nationalist.

Your examples seem to be from the post-millennial generation. They seem to use 这届 differently. I don't see mockery in these examples. Also note that both these examples have nationalist connotations.

  • 这一届网友不吃你这一套 (Mind your attitude. We're not to be trifled with)
  • 这一届群众没那么容易欺骗了 (Go away with your western propagandas)

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