Two days ago, the dean of Chinese Language Department of Fudan University in China wrote a condolence letter in memory of the dean of Math Department of the same university who was killed by an angry teacher in his office for some wrongdoings that should have been the responsibility of the university.

Here is the full text:


Does "求仁得仁" mean "You ask for it and now you get it", implying an irony that "Are you satisfied now"?

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No, 求仁得仁 means "someone willing to die for just causes (principles), and fulfilled this commitment at the end"

仁 in 求仁 doesn't mean kind, it is from the idiom 捨身成仁 (sacrifice one's life for a just cause)

求 - seek --> willing to

仁 - 成仁 (die for principles)

得 - actually

仁 - 成仁 (die for principles)

The article describes 永珍 as someone who held and died for his principles (a praise and a little comforting words)

"You ask for it and now you get it" is 自作自受 (it is a self-inflicted punishment)



求仁得仁 comes from The Analects of Confucius and it's original meaning has no irony. BUT nowadays more and more people use it as sarcasm, exactly like "You asked for it." and the original meaning almost doesn't apply any more.


It would be a terrible thing to use irony in a condolence letter! I'm sure that is not the case!

People are guessing, Professor 朱刚 has not made clear what he meant when he said 求仁得仁.

The police said 书记王永珍 was killed by 姜文华, who apparently had some psychological problems.

Originally, some people thought, 王永珍 had stolen some research results from 姜文华. Aspersions were cast about 王永珍's moral integrity.

Wang Yongzhen was a good person,
who died prematurely,
we grieve for him.
previously there was some doubt,
(there were) many rumours,
the facts are now clear,
(they) show Wang Yongzhen's moral standing and reputation were impeccable,
he was innocent,
may he rest in peace.


求仁得仁: 得到了清白,the truth proved he was a good, kind person

  • You have to know much background information to understand the letter, but most readers can only read the irony between the line, perhaps it is due to this information gap. Whatever it is, now the university invovled in the case, namely, Fudan University, is quite embarrassed. Jun 21, 2021 at 7:10

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