I'm trying to buy a thermos for my girlfriend and this is inscribed on the side. What does it mean so I can impress her with the knowledge?

jk I just want to know whether it's meaningful or generic.

enter image description here

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Usually question that asking for translation without showing a prior effort by the poster would be closed, but this poem needs some interpretation that's beyond beginner's ability

From right to left

天下賞花惜花人 - People in the world who enjoy and cherish flower

更添梅花一縷香 - Add one more fragrance from the plum flower

康尔 /Kāng'ěr/ (it is either the author's name or the brand name of the product)

I would interpret it as: 'one more beautiful thing for someone who enjoys and loves beautiful things'

According to this post


Because there are people who enjoy and cherish flower, a lovely fragrance (a metaphor for good reputation) is added to flower

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    It is lovely, and I really admire your interpretation. Thank you so much. Sorry for abusing the forum; I really only came here for this. Jun 25, 2021 at 20:14

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