What is 随俞而安 if we translate it to English?

I've tried so many app to translate it but not yet satisfied with the result, maybe there is a native Chinese here that could help me translating that cp's name

the man has 俞 as his surname but the woman's name doesn't include any of those word as her name so i think this cp name has interesting meaning.

thank you!

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随遇而安 is an idiom. People just use it for wordplay on 俞更寅 and Amber. The actual meaning of this idiom "happy-go-lucky" is irrelevant in the wordplay

  • The pinyin of 遇/yú/ and 俞/yù/ are similar

  • Amber (meaning 琥珀) can be transliterated as 安珀 /Ān Pò/

You can translate '随俞而安' as 'Yu and An' (更寅 and Amber)

  • The pinyin for 遇 is /yù/ but it doesn't really matter. It can be used for wordplay as long as the letters are the same.
    – Alan Zzz
    Commented Jun 26, 2021 at 18:52

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