On this page, I read 無法換給捐贈者, which I think is both grammatically and semantically correct, however is difficult to be understood. Should that be replaced with 無法還給捐贈者?


Update: Seems that it is really a mistake since in the English version the term is `return'.

Please understand that donated equipment will eventually be disposed of and cannot be returned.

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Unless the "exchange" of a comparable hardware from the donations as the return was the normal practice for such event, the sentence, 無法換給捐贈者, is semantically incorrect. 無法還給捐贈者 is correct, grammatically and semantically.


無法(exchang)給捐贈者 is incorrect

無法(return) 給捐贈者 is correct

無法退還(return/send back)給捐贈者 would be more precise

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