I'm trying to find the meaning of 𡵂 which appears as component of characters in several languages. Here there is a reference to it, but it gives no meaning or pronunciation. 𡵂

Does this character 𡵂 have a meaning or pronunciation?.

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㈠ 拼音mei3,同【美】。
㈡ 楚国文字隶定字,同【闵】。见【清華.尹至.簡01】

𡵂 is a variant of「美」and/or「闵」and seems to keep those pronunciations, although the「min」reading isn't explicitly alluded to.

Although, I'm sure you're looking at the final /ei/ in 微 and now in the given 𡵂/美 variant and seeing some sort of pattern. Not sure how much weight there is to that though.

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