Occasionally I will hear I/me read:


in Cantonese. I'm assuming it's a variation on 我 ngo/o, but I really cannot be sure.

I've gone through a few dictionaries, but I'm not seeing any connection with 'ou' and me/I.

Any ideas?

  • It is not in standard Cantonese, if I/me is read as /ou/ it has to be in a regional dialect. for example, 我 in 番禺話 sounds like '捱' /ngaai4/ in Cantonese
    – Tang Ho
    Jul 8 at 21:36
  • I think you can find out whether "ou" is the pronunciation of 我, or 我 is the word corresponding to the sound "ou" by using an APP with the function of pronunciation for the Cantonese words/phrases.
    – r13
    Jul 9 at 17:56

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