In English I would say: I am sorry to say my grandmother passed away on X date.

How would I give that news in mandarin? Is there a way to say ‘I am sorry to say’ or do they not say that in mandarin?

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When delivering sad or bad news, a common phrase to say is 很不幸,很遺憾,or 很抱歉


很不幸, 我心愛的寵物積克已經去世了 - unfortunately/ sadly, my beloved pet Jack has passed away. (He was such a good boy)

很遺憾, 你這次測試你失敗了 - regretfully, you have failed this test

很抱歉, 我對你一點好感也沒有 - Sorry, I don't have any good feelings for you

I am sorry to say my grandmother passed away on X date

很不幸, 我的祖母在 X月X日 去世了


"I am sorry to say". This type of expression is not in the Chinese's blood for the described event - the pass away of a family member. Rather the news is usually announced as a family matter:

"家中不幸". 我的祖母在前天晚間過逝了, 她走的很突然但是很安祥.

"家中不幸" will be dropped for a person without any attachment/tie to his family or have any living closely related family members around, that who is considered no home/family.

"很不幸", 我的祖母在前天過逝了. This will be an answer to another person, who is asking the whereabout/condition of the grandmother without knowing her death.


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