I received this in a package. Hoping someone can translate this. Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

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enter image description here

The characters are


which literally translate to media warriors. The only thing I can find about this is a CGTN announcement about a competition for the next face of CGTN ("CGTN The Media Challenges"), which only happened in the last week or so (as of July 27 2021).

Did you get shortlisted for CGTN's Media Challenge?

Notes on character identification

  • 「媒」 has the phonetic component 「某」. The top component of 「某」 (plum tree, now written as 「梅」) is 「甘」 (sweet, delicious), depicting a mouth 「口」 with a piece of food in it.
  • 「勇」 (courageous) is composed of semantic 「力」 (strength) and phonetic 「甬」. Here, the components 「甬」 and 「力」 are written side-by-side as 「勈」.
  • 「士」 is written with an obsolete variant with two extra strokes on the sides. See e.g. 小學堂傳抄古文字・士

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