I am actually forwarding a kind of lexical on most frequent words used in Chinese (打有 com). There are many of them which are used as stative verbs with common grammatical rules. So i began to make a list of these words often used in Chinese language. I am afraid to forget some of them, then is there any official list that i can get online ?

Here is my draft of list (number following hanzi is frequency in Wenlin dict.) :

大 12 小 49 方 64 好 66 美 92 高 100 老 109 长 110 全 127 新 135 正 140 重 152 少 196 真 214 安 262 贵 832 忙 891 圆 1020 饿 1640 胖 2043 帅 2260

高兴 200.8 漂亮 37.6 好看 31.5 精彩 7.7 凶残 5 愚蠢 3.3

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Stative verbs are a class of adjectives or descriptive words that behave in certain ways in sentences. Sometimes they can function like verbs. There are many of them, so I doubt there is a finite list. You may want to read up on them here:


or here:


In fact, google "stative verbs in Chinese", and you can find a ton of information on them.

  • Thank you for links (and a well list of modifiers), although i already know about the rules of these words (There are many of them which are used as stative verbs with common grammatical rules). I see they are 16 in 292 first characters (if i didn't miss any) so they would be around 6% (as single hanzis) ? only a list would help us :-)
    – faure
    Commented Aug 6, 2021 at 6:24

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