If you're complaining or grumbling (埋怨), then undeniably you're NOT burying or concealing (埋) your grievance or complaint! So why does 埋 belong in 埋怨? Doesn't 埋 gainsay 埋怨?

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Oxford Chinese Dictionary (2010) p 482.

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ABC Chinese–English Comprehensive Dictionary (2003), p 599.

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Notice the difference in pronunciation: in 埋怨 the character 埋 is read mán and not mái.


○ to blame, complain

Here the ○ icon is an indicator of a phonetic loan. So, basically it is just a:

character that is "borrowed" to write another homophonous or near-homophonous morpheme


埋 - Lay

怨 - Blame

埋怨 - Lay blame on (place one's feeling of resentment on someone, or something).

"埋" 是一個破音字在此唸"ㄇㄢˊ(注音)" "mán(拼音)"

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