I think these senses are polysemes, not homonyms, because Wiktionary alleges a relationship between definitions 1 and 2 below. Please expatiate it? What semantic notions underlie kernels and investigate?

Sino-Tibetan: "kernel" > "to investigate"

enter image description here

Oxford Chinese Dictionary (2010) p 294.


核 (seed) is hidden in the deepest part of the fruit, to expose the seed you must open (剖) the fruit. That's how 剖析 (to deeply analyze) is coined. e.g. 考核 (to assess)

Similarly, to investigate or examine someone, you must open it up to its core (核 implies 'to the deepest part')

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The original character is 覈. Because it's kind of complicated, a simpler character 核 is picked to replace it.

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