What semantic notions underlie definitions B3-B5 below? CUHK doesn't expatiate the semantic shifts.

enter image description here

Oxford Chinese Dictionary (2010) pp 222-3.

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The right part "𠬝" means obey, it looks like a person do some work, and it's the original character, some years later, add "舟" to the left of "𠬝", means a person walk lean on a boat, then some years later, "舟" become "月", And, clothes serves body.


服 (n): clothes

服 (v): to wear

To wear something --> to be confined in it --> to serve; to abide by (obey); to be convinced

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    Is this answer based on historical linguistic data, or on personal understanding?
    – starckman
    Aug 20, 2021 at 3:37

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