The top 5 languages spoken in china are:

Mandarin Cantonese Hokkien Shanghainese Hakka

But I can't find what percentage of China speak Hokkien

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Exact percentage is hard to determine since there can be

  • People grown up in XX Province not knowing how to speak the dialect (as is my case)
  • People who was born in YY Province and, having worked in ZZ province for decades, learns how to speak the dialect there.


  • Mandarin: Originated from Beijing and is taught everywhere, as everyone is required to go through at least 9 years of education, nearly everyone can speak it except some old people.

  • Cantonese: Spoken in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau mainly, at most 85 million people speak it if you count all sub-dialects

  • Hokkien: Spoken in Fujian Province, Taiwan, Philippines, and other S Asian countries, 20 million people within China speak it, while 30 million outside do.

  • Hakka: Spoken in Guangdong mainly and has a speaker of around 50 million

  • Shanghainese: is a variety of the Wu dialect, has ~14 million speakers.

Numbers are grabbed from their respective Wikipedia pages.





About 2% of people in China speak Hokkien

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