The best I can think of are the combination of: 讽刺意味 (to have the "smell" of irony on you) and 很偏激 (very extreme or biased)。

举个例子/For example: Everything you say or do is viewed as ignorant(天真) or immature by that person; kind of like they see you with a bias and with a superiority complex.

又举个例子/Example 2: The reason they see you are ignorant is because they are ignorant and not understanding of others, as shown through analyzing their actions.

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(figuratively) to act like a snob; to look down on someone even when one is no better


to be prideful; to be haughty; to be arrogant

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    Interesting, interesting. I never knew the term "狗眼". I am assuming it is like comparing the face of a dog that looks disgusted with the face of someone looking down on someone?
    – Monokuma
    Aug 28, 2021 at 17:57
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    @Monokuma A dog's eyes are at a lower level compared to a human's. Everything it sees is from a low level (從低處看), including looking at humans. However, the term 低看 happens to mean look down upon. Thus 狗眼看人低 (dogs look people from a low level) is interpreted as 'look down upon people with dog's eyes (Ignorant view point) ' instead of looking up at people -- It is a word play
    – Tang Ho
    Aug 28, 2021 at 18:40

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