I am interested in self-study resources to improve my mandarin pronunciation (improve pinyin syllables and also tone pronunciation).

There are many resources to self study writing/reading skills here but I haven't found anything too advanced for phonetics (i.e. most people just record themselves).

Is there any app/software that shows your tones/syllable pronunciation and gives you advice on what to correct? Recording oneself can be good but I am looking for something better.


I interested in self-taught, but it's not efficiency way though in my opinion. My suggestion is imitating the pronunciation of native speakers and talking with them more.



Maybe Duolingo is a good website.

Besides, I would recommend this video from youtube, telling an Australian girl learning Chinese and sharing some helpful tips.

By watching video (from easy to hard)

  • TV show & vlog & web video
  • TV series & Movies
  • Documentary

If you would like to train your listening & reading & speaking, I would recommend bilibili, where you can get the fresh and trending videos and vlogs in China, just like Youtube in Chinese version.

Also, documentary is a great resource of standard mandarin and Chinese culture.I strongly recommend these films, because I love Chinese food:-)

By playing game

I also saw some people learning Chinese by playing Chinese games.

  • Genshin Impact, a Zelda-like rpg game, has the full support of Chinese dubbing and is really popular.
  • My Time at Portia, a farming sim game with full audio and subtitles.

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