I know 弟弟 and 哥哥, but I've also heard something like 大哥 being used and I've also been referred to as 兄弟 when someone younger than me greeted me。 Are there any other variants? And which one is most used casually when referring to your mates?

Eng. example: 'Bro, did you watch the latest X', 'Bruh I don't think you're supposed to do X' or just a simple 'What's up bro'.

  • You can call him "老兄/弟", or just his nickname.
    – r13
    Oct 21 at 20:56

I would use 哥们(儿) or 兄弟 in casual speech. E.g. 兄弟,不能这样啊!

But there might be some other variants too like 老兄,老弟,老哥, etc based on the context.

  • The 老 here isn't referring to the fact they're older right? Only the 弟 and 哥, are about age, correct? Oct 22 at 17:31
  • @Zheng-rongCai That's correct.
    – dan
    Oct 22 at 22:27
  • @Zheng-rongCai even 哥 and 弟 are not that meaningful in terms of age. You can call anyone 老哥 or 大哥 at your similar age.
    – River
    Oct 23 at 19:06

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