I'm confused by the sentence ”他又再一次的在那里找圣人”.

The sentence is from the book Pepper, Jeff; Wang, Xiao Hui. The Rise of the Monkey King in which the english translation reads as:

"Again he searched for holy sages."

It seems to me there are simpler ways to write this sentence. Particularly, I find the use of “又再一次” very convoluted (why not just use 又), nor I understand what is the function of “的” in "又再一次的“.

  • 再度 is simpler and better than 又再一次的。
    – joehua
    Oct 31, 2021 at 21:49

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Basically, You can use either 又 (once more) or (again) 再 in this context

  • 又一次尋找 = search once more (separate from the previous search)

  • 再一次尋找 = search once again (renew/ repeat a search)

又再一次尋找 = search once more/ again

putting 又 and 再 together as a compound word 又再 is for emphasis and disambiguation.


尋 = 找 = search

尋找 = search

As you can see, putting two characters with similar meanings together to coin a compound is a common practice

閃(flash; dodge)

避 (avoid; dodge)

閃避 = dodge

As for 的 in 他又再一次的, it is used as an adverb marker (somewhat controversially) the same as 地 . It can be omitted


I agree. The sentence can be simplified as:

  • 他又一次的在那里找圣人. Also, 的 can be omitted, as

  • 他又一次在那里找圣人. Or, simply

  • 他又在那里找圣人. Since 又 already indicates he has done that before, so it makes 一次 redundant.

But, we need to read/examine the full text to justify the simplifications.

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